We are committed to giving our guests a wonderful experience and world class hair. We live in our salon in the center of the highlands. We have a parking lot adjacent to the salon. Please come in and make your self at home because you are coming to our home and are welcome as friends. We have been here since 1995.

William Dean, celebrated master stylist. William has consistently brought the level of beautiful hair in Louisville
to new heights. He has developed a reputation that brings confidence to all that grace his chair. From celebrity to house wife, everyone can feel confident that their best interests are kept dear.

Shannon Dean, the beautiful half of the team. Is an artist, and fashion icon. Shannon takes hairdressing to a new level of artistry. She also is a makeup artist and vanguard photographer. She makes jewelry, paints, makes her own clothes, sings and dances. She brings a palatable passion
to the salon, and brings out edgy in those that can handle it.